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Feed fence

The feed fence is often cause of problems. One-third of the cows in the herd had this lumb on the shoulder.

Make sure the cows don’t have to reach too far for their feed and be sure you have a proper construction, fitting the needs of the cow.

Space to move

The width of the alleyways is best expressed in terms of cow widths and cow lengths. The animals should be able to move past one another easily.

For optimal movement, two cows should be able to able to pass each other behind a row of cows that are eating. Cows that are lying down are out of the way and therefore, do not take part in conflicts that arise while cows are moving.

The human factor

The most important thing is the farmer. How is his management and does he pick up signals?

Look purposefully, by continuously asking yourself questions

Cow signals diamond

This cow needs the following things to produce optimally.


Light should be at a level of 200 lux. Less then 50 lux (dim light) is perceived by the cow as night time. Solution for the situation on this picture: ensure the skylights are clear, increase the size of the air intakes, or install electrical lighting.

Lying down in straw

In a straw box the cow shows her natural lying behaviour. This dry cow takes her time to find the perfect place and lies down gently.

Lying down in cubicle

Make sure there is enough head space for the cow to ly down. She needs to be able to use her head as a counterbalance for her back end. The front legs function as the balancing point. Stretched out this cow is more than 3 m long.


Brushing is a enjoyable experience and very good for skin maintenance! This cow eagerly walks under the rotating brush and savors the pleasure. ‘Grooming’ feeds the soul. The brush begins rotating when activated by the cow.


Make sure the cows do not have to wait too long. This is a burden for their hoofs. And while they are waiting, they cannot eat, drink or rest.

Manure scoring

How does the dung of your cows look like?

Score card